Our meals are prepared daily with only fresh products of the highest quality, using the most modern equipment.

Your feast can be made complete with an extensive range of wines from different regions of the world as well as other alcohols, including regional beers.



  • Traditional tartar steak with onions, cucumber,
    capers and truffle oil    22 zł
  • Mozzarella with tomatoes served with
    fresh spinach leaves and pesto    22 zł


  • Potato cakes with lettuce, smoked trout,
    sour cream and a salad mix    18 zł
  • Chicken liver fried with cherries and honey
    served on a grilled challah    15 zł
  • Dumplings with potato and
    cottage cheese stuffing     15 zł
  • Dumplings with meat and gravy        16 zł
  • Dumplings with spinach and feta cheese    17 zł


  • Salad with fresh vegetables, olives,
    feta cheese and herb vinaigrette     15 zł
  • Toast with goat cheese served on a lettuce
    with fruit and raspberry sauce    18 zł
  • Traditional Caesar salad with chicken,
    ripened cheese and croutons    21 zł


  • Duck Broth with homemade noodles    10 zł
  • Beef tripe with marjoram    13 zł
  • White fish soup with dill    13 zł


  • Traditional meat patty served with beets
    and new potatoes    16 zł
  • Pork shoulder roasted in mushroom sauce served with potato
    dumplings and seasonal vegetables   20 zł
  • Grilled chicken breast stuffed with feta cheese,
    served with green beans and mashed potatoes   20 zł
  • Pork chop served with young cabbage
    and chips    22 zł
  • Pork loin with glazed carrots,
    pearl barley and thyme sauce    32 zł
  • Roast duck with apples, cranberry sauce,
    beets and homemade noodles    35 zł


  • Baked trout with vegetables, butter sauce
    and carrot puree    23 zł
  • Cod loin wrapped in maturing ham
    served on pearl barley and with fresh lettuce   35 zł
  • Grilled sea bream served with green vegetables,
    tomato salsa and new potatoes
    oraz młodymi ziemniakami   32 zł


  • Apple pie with vanilla ice cream    12 zł
  • Fluffy cheesecake served on homemade
    cherry jam   12 zł
  • BezMeringue on a fruit mousse with mascarpone cream   15 zł
  • Ice cream dessert with fruit, cream and coating    15 zł


  • Broth or tomato soup with noodles    7 zł
  • Crispy chicken fingers, fries and cucumber salad   12 zł
  • Pasta with tomato sauce   10 zł
  • Pancakes with whipped cream, icing and fruit   10 zł